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Do you (Salem Design) only work with customers in your local area?

Monday, April 17th, 2006

The short answer is we can help your with your web design and development needs regardless of far you are from our location (Salem, Massachusetts). Most of our customers are relatively local (i.e. within Massachusetts) but that is primarily a function of how we find each other.

The Internet and Web are great means of working at long distances and we have developed websites for customers as far away as Minnesota and we currently have customers in Maine and New York.

And even with local customers we have done web projects where we never met the client in person but communicated solely by email, telephone, and the web.

If you want support for your home or office computing environment then location is more of an issue. We can provide some assistance by phone but any serious troubleshooting or setup of your home or office systems will require an onsite visit.

Which domain extension should I use for my site?

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

In general, businesses (in the US at least) should use the .com extension. Non-profit or political organizations usually use the .org extentions. Not surprisingly, the .gov, .mil, and .edu extensions are restricted. If you really want a particular website name (e.g. and the .com or .org versions are already taken then you might be able to register,,, or Or maybe you will have to settle for