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Domain Registration

Domain registration is how "ownership" of a particular web site name is established and maintained.

We will help you choose a good website name and check whether it is available. Depending on the registrar used, domain registration costs around $15 per year.

Once you have chosen a domain name we can either register it under our account on Dotster.com or help you register it under your own account on Dotster.com or GoDaddy.com.

In all cases, you will be the registered owner of the site but having the registration under Salem Design's account makes it easier for us to administer the site and it is one less thing for you to manage technically.

If you have already registered with a domain registrar that is unreliable or difficult to deal with (and there are a lot of them out there) we can help you transfer your domain to either Dotster or GoDaddy.


While we do maintain and manage sites which are hosted elsewhere, we prefer to design and develop new sites on our leased server space. Hosting on our server costs between $10 and $50 per month depending on how much you need in terms of storage space, bandwidth, number of email accounts, and web applicatons.

Hosting with us gives you one more issue you won't have to worry about and it makes it easier to develop and maintain the site.

We lease space in a shared-hosting environment which runs on a powerful, 4 cpu server running Red Hat Linux. The hosting service we have chosen allows us to offer the following:

Reliability & Security

No site is immune to failure whether from hardware problems, software issues, or hacking. However we use hosting services that follow "best practices" to protect against all these problems.

We also routinely, and redundantly, backup all our sites so that we can quickly rebuild them if necessary.

And if we find that a hosting service is not sufficiently reliable, we will move all sites to a new hosting service at no additonal cost to our clients.

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