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We will work with you to design a site keeping these critical requirements in mind:

A Distinctive Style
A good palette of colors, consistent and clear navigation buttons, and well-chosen graphics and images are all important to making a good impresson on your site visitors.
Good Content
Whether you are an individual, a small business, or a non-profit; content that is clear, interesting, and valuable to your target audience is needed to achieve your goals.
Your Budget
We will work with you to design and implement a site that gives you a distinctive web presence, achieves your goals, and stays within your budget.

All the new web sites we work on are coded using modern XHTML 1.x and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) standards. And we test completed pages against the W3C.org validation mechanisms.


In addition to basic web pages, we can also implement mechanisms that make it easier for you to add or revise content yourself or increase your interaction with your site visitors. There are many low-cost mechanisms available, e.g.:

These mechanisms are based on a server-side programming language, usually PHP. And most of them require a server-side database, typically MySQL. Both these tools are open source (i.e. free); one reason why these mechanisms are so economical.

In virtually all cases these mechanisms can be customized to conform to the "look and feel" of your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Good Content
Once you get your website built and online, you want people to find it in the search engines. There are no guaranteed approaches to getting highly ranked and there is no substitute for having good text content. We will help you focus on text that will make your site easier to find.
We will help you choose Meta-Tags that will help the search engines index your site. The Meta-Tags reflect what you think are the key characteristics of your site and what it offers.
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