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Our customers range from individuals, through small businesses with 10 to 20 employees, to a medium size company with dozens of employees and worldwide sales.

It is a pretty eclectic mix, currently including several artists, two photographers, a graphic designer, two auto repair shops, a plastic surgeon, a real estate company, a couple of art associations, a Bed & Breakfast, a confectionary company, a medical diagnostic equipment company, and a successful kayak store.

We also host (or have hosted) non-profits such as environmental groups, youth leagues, political campaigns, and advocacy groups.

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Customer Profiles

Barbara Moody
This is a good example of a individual artist's site.
Medica Corporation
Medica is a medium sized manufacturer of diagnostic equipment. We work with their internal graphic arts department to maintain and update their site.
Dr Seckel Dot Com
This site is based entirely on a WordPress blog mechanism and allows Dr. Seckel to make his own content updates.
Billington Sea Kayak
Since we created its website in 2001, Billington Sea Kayak has grown to be one of the largest kayak retailers in New England. The site gets about 100 new visitors a day during the kayaking season.
Kingston Gallery
Kingston Gallery is an artist's cooperative with a gallery in Boston's South End.

Web Mechanisms in Use

Image Gallery
This is an image gallery that we implemented for Scott Cahaly so that he could manage the image content himself.
Clickable Image Map
This is a clickable image map allows potential customers to find their local dealer. It uses JavaScript and Cascading Stylesheets.
This is a web forum or bulletin board set up to promote the development of open source software for the chemical industry.