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Salem Design
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Sharon Shea

Sharon is a photographer and designer who provides the art and style needed to complement Doug's technical skills.

Sharon has had both formal training and hands-on experience in a variety of areas, including biology & lab work, internet communication, web design, marketing, psychology, technology, small business administration, contributing to a film for the NOVA television series, and managing an exotic animal and petting zoo. This diverse background provides a strong foundation for Sharon's creative work.

Sharon ensures that our customers' sites have a distinctive look - a look that will best showcase the customer's product or service, and will strike a chord with the target audience.

Douglas Denholm

Doug is the technical side of Salem Design and handles details relating to computers, networking, coding, and site maintenance.

Doug has a couple of degrees in engineering and spent decades applying computers and software to solving engineering and business problems as a consultant for customers in the US, Europe, the Far East, and Australia.

He is finding this background increasingly useful as demand shifts from static HTML to more complex database-driven web applications.